Why are companies looking for Digital Marketing Experts?

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Reasons behind the transformation of Traditional Advertising into Digital Marketing which results in the high demand for Digital Marketing Experts.

Today I am going to discuss some important factors that made the Traditional Advertising less useful, which lead shifting of companies towards the digital platform to engage with their potential customers. You are also going to know why this whole scenario resulted in increased demand for Digital Marketing Experts.

In simple words, Digital Marketing is an art of advertising as well as reaching the target customers through digital channels. It is the process of promoting your product or service through the laptop, mobile device or anything can access the internet. In new media marketing, every interaction between the ad and customer is now easy to understand.

Digital Marketing Experts versus Traditional

The Traditional Marketing technique is considered as favorable by the Experts because they can drive the ad in the front of individuals whenever they want. Sometimes these techniques may create inconvenience for the potential customers. Let’s take a short real-life example: Watching random ads after every over in cricket may annoy spectators.

On the other hand, Digital Marketing involves strategies that focus on the creation of relevant content as per the customer’s interest. For example, clothing ads will become visible to only that person who has previously visited shopping website. In short, these techniques are more accurate and highly efficient concerning targeting buyers.

companies looking for Digital Marketing Experts

Role of Technology

Now you are going to know, How the evolution of technology has played an important part in this industry.

  • Print Media: The Print industry like a newspaper, magazine allowed marketers to understand the importance of headlines and the impact they make in the mind of consumers.
  • Radio: Radio enabled the perfect combination of brands and entertainers as partners in reaching the potential customers.
  • Television: Quicken the pace of consumer attention span by developing 30 seconds to 1-minute commercial.

Today’s Marketing process, Blogs are preferred over magazines to develop a trusted relationship with the potential and existing audience. If you compare blogging style with magazines and newspaper, then you will find some fundamental similarities like the importance of Title and their impact on readers. The best part of blogging is that analytical part will allow you to know about the behavior, information about visitors. For example, 100 people are reading your online article then the analytics part will provide you geographical as well demographical data of those visitors and the comment section will allow you to understand whether they interested in your product service or not. This type of connection between the brand and their consumers was previously missing.

Importance of User data

In Today’s world, the data becomes the center of technology. The development of cheap storage and computability, more information of users, can be organized and utilized, enabling more personalized communication between brands and consumers. Now the world is relying on digital communication the reach, and the response of digital marketing is keep growing.

Importance of User data in Digital Marketing

Social media interaction

People are spending more time on social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, so brands are also launching their social media campaigns to gain popularity at a faster rate. Social media is highly efficient path for small business to know the customers and also one of the cheapest way to advertise and market their products.   In simple words, Social media is the easiest way for marketers to interact with peers, consumers, and target audience. The social media played an important part in filling the gap between brands and customers.

Specificity (exact information & identification)

When it comes to advertising among a large number of population, Traditional Marketing platform like TV, radio, and billboards are the best. They focus on one to all broad forms of interaction. Marketing your product among large no. of people is good, but it doesn’t identify you that anyone is looking what you’re offering or not. Apart from this, it doesn’t give you the accurate information on how many people have seen your ad which leads to the fall of Traditional advertisement strategies. On the other hand, due to the evolution of technology, Digital Marketing techniques have overcome these drawbacks. The Digital Marketing platform allows to target large no. of people by their interest and also provide you the data on how many people have seen your ad. Digital has made the advertisement strategies more precise and highly efficient.

Small Business and their marketing budget

Small and Growing businesses are always looking for the budget as well as best advertising ways. TV, print media, radio as well as out of home ads needs the lot investment to market the product which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Today’s  marketing process is solving these problems as advertising online takes less money and gives a good return on investment. For example, These days more people are using Google, Facebook,  Twitter, and Snapchat, as compared to watching TV and reading newspaper. The good part is the marketing on these platforms takes less money as compared to installing the banner on billboards. Digital Marketing has given small business the best way for one to one interactions and advertisements.

Small Business and their Digital marketing budgetConclusion

With the Evolution of technology,  It is good to change your marketing strategies and channel to achieve your advertising goals and understand your audience. To make sure the survival of your business, you need to hire Digital Marketing Experts.


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